Premier Physic Metrologie Co. (PPM) has been providing calibration and metrology solutions in the Philippines for over a decade to a diverse group of customer and strategic partners coming from the academe, beverage, food, government, medical, pharmaceutical, research organizations, oil and gas. Our system has been audited and validated by the top companies nationwide to ensure capability, competence and traceability of our measurement results.

PPM, an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration laboratory, has built a reputation for providing quality and innovative calibration services. We keep ourselves updated with the necessary standards and equipment, knowledge and skills in metrology and quality systems. Measurement values and their calibration results cannot be detached from the uncertainties associated with methodical, operational and environmental factors. To ensure traceability, our calibration reports are accompanied with the associated measurement uncertainties.


Premier Physic Metrologie is committed to providing our customers with exceptional equipment calibration services that continuously exceed our customers expectations and consistently meet the international standards. PPM adheres to the quality policies and principles of ISO/IEC 17025. PPM is to be the innovative leader in the Philippine metrology providing services that are fulfilled to the highest professional standards, cost effective and are accomplished on time.


Team-focused approach to work for the highest professional standards supported by written procedures and monitored consistently for appropriates


Protect our customer's confidential information and proprietary rights and pledge to avoid activities that would diminish confidence in our competence, neutrality, judgement or operational integrity.


Continuously measure, assess and advance our skills and capabilities through everyone's commitment quality by seeking and receiving the necessary training to fit us for our work.


Anticipates identifies, responds and satisfies the needs and expectations of our customers and maintain a well-trained and motivated work force focused on teamwork. We will make every effort to stimulate creativity, initiative and sense of responsibility and to provide an environment that promotes a spirit of "dignity in workmanship and teamwork" among employees.


We strive to meet our customer's goal for timeliness which shall be with in requirements of the international standards.


Committed to the impartiality of our laboratory activities and shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.